Some 1000 parents and children in the Komi Republic have received help through the Barents cooperation program “Children and youth at risk”.

Alexander Stubb, famous in the Barents Region for branding the north as the world´s most sexy region, is put on track to take over after Jyrki Katainen.

Prime Minister Alexander Stubb says Finland needs to stay close to the European Union but also maintain good ties with Russia as the Ukrainian crisis stretches on.

The powerful party is revoking the member ticket of Vasily Shabir, the former regional Duma chairman, now locked up in jail suspected of fraud.

With the appointment the Arkhangelsk Governor becomes one of the most influential advisors to President Putin.

Norway’s Prime Minister says it is important to thank Russia for their liberation of Finnmark 70 years ago, but calls on Moscow to respect international law today.

“Whatever happens in the rest of the world, we must continue our cooperation,” said Murmansk Governor Marina Kovtun when she on Saturday together with Arkhangelsk Governor Igor Orlov met colleagues from Northern Norway.

On the day where messages of thanks and remembrance are flying fast between the Norwegian and Russian peoples gathered in Kirkenes, the Sami felt excluded.

Brende and Lavrov in Kirkenes

Børge Brende and Sergey Lavrov marked the 70th anniversary of the Red Army’s liberation of Norway’s northernmost county from NaziGerman occupation. See video of the press conference.

India’s current Head of State will be making the county’s first ever official visit to the Arctic with a stop planned in Rovaniemi on the Scandinavian diplomatic tour.

Foreign Minister Børge Brende says Norway joins the restrictive measures against Russia introduced by EU earlier in September.

President of the Norwegian Sàmi Parliament, Aili Keskitalo, presses the alarm bell to world leaders meeting in New York about how Russian authorities harass its indigenous peoples.

Valentina Sovkina was on her way from Lovozero on Russia’s Kola Peninsula to the UN World Conference on Indigenous Peoples.

Environment Minister Ville Niinistö has taken to social media to defend comments he made to the influential business daily Financial Times, where he charged that Finland has been kow-towing to Russia in its foreign policy.

The acting governors in the Komi Republic and the Nenets Automous Okrug both secured new terms with more than 75 percent of the votes in Sunday’s elections.