Some 1000 parents and children in the Komi Republic have received help through the Barents cooperation program “Children and youth at risk”.

Alexander Stubb, famous in the Barents Region for branding the north as the world´s most sexy region, is put on track to take over after Jyrki Katainen.

The Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg has decided not to participate during the military parade at the Red Square and celebration of the 70th anniversary of World War II victory.

Anna Kireeva says Bellona Murmansk can not continue to work like before after her organization was placed on the “Foreign Agent” list by Russia’s Ministry of Justice.

“Crimea is ours” – “Crimea is Russia” The slogans on the central square of Arkhangelsk had the same clear messages as similar rallies in most major cities around Russia Wednesday evening.

The Kremlin has invited 68 world leaders to participate during the military parade at the Red Square and celebration of the 70th annivers

Russia will revise its activities in the Arctic, but is not seeking a militarization of the region, leader of Russia’s new Arctic Commission Dmitry Rogozin says.

Finland will not be ratifying the International Labour Organisation’s “Convention No. 169″, which vouchsafes the rights of indigenous peoples, until the next government is formed.

Last Barents Council meeting in Norway was the first in history without attendance of a Russian Foreign Minister. Will Lavrov come for the ministerial meeting in Finland this autumn?

The Nordic Council of Ministers spent more than 20 year to develop cooperation with Northwest Russia. Then it was given status as “foreign agent”.

Two important regions in Russia’s Arctic ambitions – Murmansk and Yamalo-Nenets, have signed an agreement on cooperation.

Authorities unsuccessfully banned Sunday’s rally in memory of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov who was gunned down and killed in Moscow Friday night.

“Whatever the pressure, Rakurs will continue to support LGBT community, to provide legal and psychological help. And we are going to challenge this wrongful decision in the court,” says Tatiana Vinnichenko, head of the organization.

Murmansk based organization providing legal support to victims of homophobia continues to work and will appeal decision.

Fronts are sharp and political disagreement touch. But Norwegian and Russian politicians fully agree about Barents regional cooperation.