Two hundred kilometres above the Arctic Circle hundreds of refugees and asylum seekers are finding a new life in northern Norway, but recently the doors have been shutting on those desperate to start fresh in the High North.

What skills do you need to find a job in Finnmark, and who risks staying unemployed in Murmansk Oblast? BarentsObserver presents a list of the most demanded professions in Northern Norway and Russia. 

Norwegian business leaders and academics interviewed by Yle’s Swedish-language news service say they are disappointed in the overall level of Swedish language skills among its job applicants from Finland.

While the overall use of passenger cars in the European Union has decreased, in Norway it is growing at full speed. 

The Republic of Komi is the only region in Barents Russia where the number of HIV infections continues to increase. Last year, the region registered 38.6 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Nearly 15,000 Russians had immigrated to Norway by 2012. New research shows that a third of them choose to live in the northern part of the country.

Northern Russian women may retire already at 50, but for some this is pure theory.

Since June 2015, distribution of many everyday goods, such as toothpaste and cleaning products, is a complicated case in Russia. New federal regulations on alcohol consumption state that products containing over 0.5 percent alcohol are subject to licensing.

Wistleblower Edward Snowden is winner of this year’s recognized Bjørnson Award, but Norwegian authorities are unlikely to guarantee his safe travel to the award ceremony. The former CIA employee should instead be handed over the award in Pechenga, the Russian borderlands to Norway, a Norwegian university lecturer suggests.

The number of murders in northern Russian regions has decreased threefold since the 1990s.

Maximum, the support group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in Murmansk feels offended after the largest hotel in town cancelled their conference hall booking. We wanted to protect them, says the management.

A court in Murmansk convicts activist Irina Paykacheva for her participation in an unsanctioned public commemoration of late Boris Nemtsov.

Head of the Zapolyarny town administration sued newspaper Pechenga for libel, but lost in court.