Two hundred kilometres above the Arctic Circle hundreds of refugees and asylum seekers are finding a new life in northern Norway, but recently the doors have been shutting on those desperate to start fresh in the High North.

According to a doctoral dissertation to be published by the University of Helsinki, the indigenous Sámi people of Northern Finland generally have lower cancer rates than the rest of the country’s population.

It is Monday morning and it could have been like any other bus ride to work as I get into the seat.

They sailed through the perpetual darkness of winter to avoid being seen. They sailed through violent storms, the freezing sea spray turning guy wires into ice-laden cables thicker than a man’s arm. 

A new exhibit aboard the “Lenin” is set to open this spring, offering museum-goers a look at the science behind the world’s first-ever nuclear powered icebreaker.

A landslide in Nordreisa has isolated Finnmark and the northeastern parts of Troms from the rest of the country.

The National Archives of Norway are marking Liberation Day by releasing newly digitalized photos and documents from Northern Norway from the period 1944-1945.

The world’s largest traditional sailing ship «Sedov» has cancelled two port visits to Norway. – Politics is not the reason, says ship owner.

As Russia is preparing for the largest Victory Day celebrations ever, an official delegation from Murmansk is travelling in Eastern Finnmark to pay tribute to Russians and Norwegians who fell during WWII.

Russia climbs four places in the World Happiness Ranking 2015. Meanwhile, neighboring Nordic countries appear to lose ground.

The head of Finland’s Sámi Parliament told a United Nations gathering in New York that the Finnish government has robbed her people of their right to define themselves by failing to sign up to an international convention on indigenous people’s rights.

Electric car number 50,000 was recently registered in Norway, two years ahead of planned schedule.

After years of planning, the first steps of tearing down and moving the Arctic town of Kiruna started today in Sweden.

The environmental organization Bellona Murmansk has been fined 50,000 rubles for failing to voluntary register as a foreign agent.