Tromsø dancing for love

Stortorget in Tromsø changed into a great big dance floor filled with many dancing, happy people from all over the world. Photo: Iril Gausdal Johansen

An open air dance party on the main square Stortorget wrapped up this year’s international week in Tromsø. The project ”Dance for love” was an event held against prejudice, racism and discrimination, though for love: for love between people, nations and countries.


The main organizer of the event and the leader of the project was Sofia Larsson – a girl from Sweden recently working in Tromsø, the project was her initiative. She says smiling - “Similar projects were held in Denmark and Sweden before, I love dancing myself and thought that the time to make some big event connected to dancing has come”.

The event was supported by Amnesty international and Tromsø County which provided all the conditions for the event to happen including the stage and technical equipment. 

Dance is a form of art which helps you to express your feelings and emotions without any words, telling your own story – “a dance is a short life”. And it does not matter if you are a professional dancer or you just love and enjoy dancing. 

Watch video from the dance event in Tromsø here

“Dance for love” gathered together a lot of dance-lovers both professionals and amateurs. Here you could meet modern, latino, hip-hop, RnB and ballet dancers. The participants of the project were dancers and dance-lovers from all over Tromsø county, several dance clubs and dancing groups.

Dance for love included two flash mobs on the Central square and in the largest shopping mall; a free zumba and salsa class as well as a dance show where you could see a modern dance made by Scottish and Russian dancers, a performance of a  latino dancer and  many others. The hosts of the dance show were Sofia Larsson and Nicolai López - a professional break-dancer from a famous dance group “Undefined”. 

Several bands were invited to perform as well as three DJs playing different types of music, turning the town’s central square into a huge dance floor. The project leaders are planning to organize “Dance for Love” as an annual event.