112 brown bears shot in northern Sweden

The brown bear population has had a rapid growth in northern Sweden the last 10 years. (Photo:

Not since the 1800 century has there been shot a similar amount of brown bears in Sweden.


The hunting quota announced by Swedish authorities before the hunting season was opened was at record high 312 brown bears, of a brown bear population which currently counts around 3000 animals. As hunting season has come to an end a record high number of 112 brown bears have been shot in Norrbotten County.

With the rising population of bears over the last years, the number of shot bears has risen proportionally. From 13 bears shot in 2001 to this year’s record number. It is especially the reindeer herders of Norrbotten who have had problems with the increasing amount of brown bears and losses in their herds due to killer bears has become a major problem.

“This year’s quota was very high and we will now evaluate which effect this has had for the brown bear population, says Ulf Bergelin who is head of the environment department in Norrbotten.

According to the newspaper Norrlandska Socialdemokraten the hunting quotas will probably be reduced next year.