FSB wants new law on border security

Norwegian-Russian disputes waters

Head of FSB’s Border Guard Service says Russia will need a new law on border security, which will help the country counter territorial claims from neighbouring countries, among them Norway, the Ukraine and Japan.

Mr. Valentin Letunovskii says the new law will become “an independent part” of national security, along with the country’s external and domestic security concepts. He also wants amendments in the Law on the state border, RIA Novosti reports. The new law should reflect normative and organisational principles for Russian border security, the FSB official argues. Neighbouring countries have territorial claims all along the state border, Mr. Letunovskii says. -For example, Norway has claims for a 155,000 square kilometre area, Ukraine disputes Russian sovereignty over waters in the Azov and Black Seas and Japan also has claim which involves tens of thousands of square kilometres of Russian territory, leader of the Border Guard Service says.