No corruption charges yet in Karelia

The Ministry of Interior

Minister of Interior in the Republic of Karelia recently accused regional politicians and businessmen of trying to push on police officials investigating cases of corruption. An investigation based on the allegations, failed to bring evidence.

According to, investigative bodies in Karelia did not find any evidence which confirms that politicians and businessmen in the region are seeking to influence police officials’ corruption investigations. In May this year Igor Aleshin, Karelia’s Minister of Internal Affairs, made a public statement at a press-conference, that a group of powerful politians and businessmen exercise their influence over his subordinates, thus hindering the investigation of corruption cases No data was however obtained on any hindering of investigations conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs on notorious criminal cases. The prosecutor’s office thus does not have grounds press any charges, reports. The Investigative Department says however that the whole investigation process has been obstructed by Mr. Aleshin himself. The officer who tried to question the minister, failed to do so, because the high-ranking official made himself unavailable.