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Trude Pettersen is associate editor of BarentsObserver and is based at the desk in Kirkenes, Northern Norway. She has been working for the Norwegian Barents Secretariat since 2008. 

Trude graduated from the University of Tromsø in 2000 with a MA degree in Russian. She has also studied International Politics and Russia and Eastern Europe Area Studies. 

Content by Trude Pettersen

President Putin warns that public and nongovernmental organizations can be used by Western governments to try to discredit and destabilize Russia.

Four governors from the Russian part of the Barents region have become members of the newly established Arctic Commission.

The Russian presidential administration supports opening the Arctic shelf for private companies. This could open up for Russia’s biggest private oil producer Lukoil.

Tourists will be replaced by soldiers and scientists on the North Pole this spring. Instead of the traditional Barneo ice camp, Russia is about to establish two bases – one for scientists and one for the military.

At an oil price of $60 per barrel, Russia’s only offshore oil-producing field in the Arctic, Prirazlomnaya, is unprofitable even with heavy state support.

A stronger exchange rate for the ruble has brought more Russian customers back to shops in Finland. Some local retailers have reported a sharp rise in sales in recent weeks.

Sevmash Shipyard has started construction of “Arkhangelsk”, the latest 4th generation nuclear-powered multipurpose attack submarine of the Yasen-class.

Norway allocates funding to renovate the central war cemetery in Tjøtta, where more than 8000 Soviet prisoners of war who died in German camps in Norway are buried.

Amidst Arctic sea ice reaching all-time minimum for late winter, the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources says that Russia plans to establish a floating research station on an ice floe.

The snap combat readiness exercise for the Northern Fleet that was initiated on Monday has led to a sharp increase in military activity in the high north. Aircraft and paratroopers are being relocated from other bases in Russia to the Arctic.