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Canada’s environment Minister and Chair of the Artic Council Leona Aglukkaq says Canada is taking a “principled stand” against Russia by not attending an Arctic Council meeting in Moscow this week.

Norway should not drill for oil along the border to Russia in today’s political situation following the annexation of Crimea, says leader of Parliament’s Energy Committee.

Military paratroopers have have landed on the North Pole. See amazing video of 90 paratroopers with heavy gear jumping out in minus 70 degrees celsius.

The nuclear-powered icebreaker Yamal today leaves port of Murmansk for a two-month expedition to the Russian Arctic. The aim for the expedition is to study ice and weather conditions in the area to prepare for future oil and gas projects.

The National Archives Service of Finland and the Sámi Archives have proposed including the Skolt Sámi archives in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register. Only 301 items have been listed in the register so far.

The annual Norwegian-Russian emergency drill “Exercise Barents” will be arranged as planned in the border areas in the Varanger Fjord in June.

Today in Yellowknife, Canada, Senior Arctic Officials agreed to move forward with the creation of the Arctic Economic Council (AEC).

Cooperation between Norway and Russia’s Border Commissioners will continue as planned, says Norwegian Border Commissioner Colonel Ivar Sakserud.

“Norway condemns Russia’s annexation of the Crimea and the use of armed force in Uk

The Kola Peninsula is rich in gold, but there are no companies to dig it out of the ground. Russian companies cannot afford it and foreign companies are not allowed in, a Russian scientist says.