The gas monopolist wants to stop Rosneft from getting LNG export permission for the Pechora LNG project.

Finnish fighter combat jets will fly reconnaissance sorties this week as the country reacts to a series of airspace incursions by Russian aircraft.

As Russian space industry pulls out of foreign collaboration, the importance of the Plesetsk cosmodrome takes off.

The Arctic plays an important role for Russia in terms of security; we should pay more attention to the development of the region, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday.



Four days of artwork, public discussions, workshops and concerts in Nikel, Kirkenes and Zapolyarny. The arts project Dark Ecology aims to open the discussion about artificial environments - the how and why of modern human landscapes.

Russia has started its first scientific circumnavigation of the globe in 30 years. The oceanographic research vessel “Admiral Vladimirsky” is now in Severomorsk, ready to sail the Northern Sea Route.

STAVANGER: Bellona’s Frederic Hauge says Statoil can’t continue its current Barents Sea drilling since the appeal period for the permission has not yet expired.

Finland is having second thoughts to Rosatom’s involvement in the planned nuclear power plant in Pyhäjoki south of Oulu in northern Finland. Environment Minister Ville Niinistö calls energy cooperation with the Russian company ‘a step back’.

Gazprom Neft platform Prirazlomnoye

STAVANGER: Ambitious Arctic offshore exploration plan will need 80 rigs, platforms, tankers, supply vessels and crew boats.

A joint Norwegian-Russian expedition has arrived in the Barents Sea to study the condition of the sunken nuclear submarine K-159.

STAVANGER: Statoil brands “It’s possible” at ONS, but CEO Helge Lund says projects in Russia will take more time as export permits for equipment is a bureaucratic process.

The Prirazlomnaya platform is packed with Norwegian technology and is likely to soon feel the consequences of the western export ban on oil and gas equipment.

Russians living in Murmansk Oblast are now traveling more often to Norway than to Finland, according to Russian data.

The mapping of the disputed Arctic waters is a nasty and unnecessary attempt to open a very vulnerable area for the oil industry, Greenpeace says.

2014 will be a record year for king crab from Norway, especially when it comes to export of live crab, says Svein Ruud in Norway King Crab.

STAVANGER: Statoil has found no commercial wells of oil in the Barents Sea this summer, but politicians and industry are still optimistic that the north will see a boost in petroleum activities.

Finland’s Defense Ministry said it suspected a Russian military aircraft entered its airspace without permission on Monday, in the second such violation in three days.

For Norwegian border inspector Frode Berg a border is more than a line on the map. After 24 years on duty it has become his biggest hobby to study borders around the world.

Murmansk is pushing for an additional lifetime extension of the ageing reactors at the Kola NPP.

A new border-crossing point between Norway and Russia is one step closer to realization as Norway’s Armed Forces have offered to clear the building site of WWII explosives for a lot less than civilian contractors.

Sulphur dioxide pollution significantly up from Kola GMK’s smelters in Nikel and Monchegorsk. Norwegians measure more heavy metals in freshwater fish near the border.

“This deal will allow Rosneft to acquire new unique expertise in operations in harsh climate conditions,” says Rosneft President Igor Sechin, a man listed on both the EU and the US sanctions lists.

Russia’s Gazprom will no longer have monopoly on gas sales to Lithuania.

First time in history: Two Pacific fleet Akula-class submarines are now en route along the Northern Sea Route towards Severodvinsk in the White Sea for upgrades.

Russia plans to resume testing of the submarine-launched ballistic missile Bulava in September, after one year’s stop in the project.