Governor: Putin is good for the Arctic

Dmitry Dmitrienko at Kirkeneskonferansen 2012

Vladimir Putin is the only politician who really knows and understands the Russian Arctic, Governor Dmitri Dmitriyenko says.


In a press conference on Monday, Murmansk Governor Dmitriyenko said that the election of Putin means that “all projected plans and huge investment projects will be implemented”.

According to the governor, it is Putin who has given Murmansk the role as “locomotive for Arctic developments”.

“For Murmansk Oblast, the election of Vladimir Putin as President of the Russian Federation is a very important event, which means the continuity of the current course”, Dmitriyenko said. He added that this is “a course of huge breakthrough projects, which gradually will transform the social and economic situation in the region”.

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Probably, Putin is the only of our politicians who knows and understands the Russian Arctic, and who underlines that it is in the Arctic that Russia has its future,” the governor added, reports

Governor Dmitriyenko also stressed that the election results show that his region has “decently passed the exam on civil maturity”.

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