Bolshoi success in Tromsø

Dancers from the Bolshoi Ballet impressed audiences in Tromsø. This photo is from Moscow.

The world famous Bolshoi Ballet performed in Tromsø at the Northern Lights Festival this weekend.


The last time dancers from the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow performed in Norway was in 1960.

The ballet held two gala performances with pieces from many of the world’s most famous classical ballets. The audience was thrilled by what they saw. “This is a night everyone will remember for the rest of their lives. This was the night the Bolshoi showed what world class means in art”, Nordlys writes. The Bolshoi ballet does not only show us the technically best ballet in the world, but shows poetry and musicality through movements, playfulness and energy and simply an enormous joy of performing for us, the paper writes.

“We are more than pleased”, artistic director of the Bolshoi Ballet Sergei Filin said to NRK after the show. “We have felt such an incredible warmth, love and attention from the Norwegian audience”, Filin said and added that they would love to come back to perform in Tromsø.

The tickets to the two gala performances were sold out in 7 minutes when they were put out for sale in October last year.