New ice-breaking vessel for Norilsk Nickel

Nadezhda (

Russian mining and metallurgy giant Norilsk Nickel has received yet another newly-built ice-protected vessel, thus completing the establishment of its own Arctic fleet.


The diesel-electric vessel “Nadezhda” is the fifth and last in a series build on order from Norilsk Nickel as part of the company’s strategy to achieve transport independence along Arctic routes. All the new vessels are able to operate without icebreaker assistance.

The “Nadezhda” has a deadweight of 18,112 tons and is capable of operating in 1,5 meter thick ice. It can carry 12-14 000 tons of cargo and transport up to 700 standard containers. The price tag of the new vessel is 82 million EUR, a press release from the company reads

The first vessel, “Norilsky Nikel”, was delivered in 2006. The three others are “Monchegorsk”, “Zapolyarny” and “Talnakh”. The first vessel was built at Aker Finnyards in Finland, the others at Wadan Yards (Former Aker Yards) in Germany.

With its new fleet of Arctic tankers, the Norilsk Nickel will be able to cut shipping costs with 30 percent and secure independence from the state-owned fleet of nuclear-powered icebreakers.

Norilsk Nickel is the world’s biggest producer of nickel, as well as a major producer of cupper, platinum and palladium. Major shipping operations are regularly conducted from the port of Dudinka close to the company’s key production areas in the Taymyr peninsula to Murmansk Oblast where processing facilities are located.