The MIKON flagship program in the Fram Centre is using both social and environmental sciences to examine how High North industrial development will affect the natural world, regional societies like the Sami and economic activity.

On the backdrop of political chill, trade between Finland and Russia is falling sharply. Also tourism between the countries is in a downswing.

Russian federal subjects

The Nenets Autononous Okrug is ranked the second richest region in Russia in terms of per capita spent budget money. Murmansk Oblast is number 16 and the Komi Republic number 17.

Norway is split on coal as the parliament wants the petroleum revenue fund to sell off its stocks in coal-power plants.

A Finnish company selling a device it says will treat Seasonal Affective Disorder is being accused of shady publishing practices, poor research design, and data manipulation – all in a push to get its product on the market.

Rovaniemi has lost the position as the town with the world’s northernmost McDonald’s. Big Mac is now for sale in Murmansk.

King Crab

While King Crab from Norway is gaining notoriety worldwide, its presence has some scientists worried about how much this foreign species has off-balanced the biodiversity of the Norwegian Barents Sea. Part two of our two part King Crab Series.

Sichuan Road and Bridge Group is awarded a €93 million contract for the steelwork to the Hålogaland Bridge in Nordland.

Iron-ore miner LKAB in northern Sweden got enormous response for the 400 vacancies they announced.

One of Russia’s largest seafood producers and aspiring aquaculture company «Russian Sea Group” changes its name to «Russian Aquaculture” and announces a large investment program.

The world’s northernmost mining company lays off up to 150 at its Lunckefjell coalmine in Svea.

Norway’s most famous coastal cruise liner has agreed to a takeover offer from a British group of investors. The company now plans for expedition cruising to Russia’s White Sea region.

CEO of Norwegian Air Shuttle, Bjørn Kjos, says Russian airliners should be denied to overfly Norwegian territory. His Dreamliner is forced to fly around Russian territory on routes from Scandinavia to Bangkok.

The world’s only nuclear-powered container ship, the Murmansk-based “Sevmorput”, faces a future as scrap metal, two decades before its original service life expires.

The unemployment rate in the different counties in the northernmost part of the Barents Region is like day and night.