World’s largest shopping mall north of the Arctic Circle

The new shopping mall will open in 2014. (Ill. Dorinda Invest)

A 65.000 m² shopping and entertainment mall is under construction in Murmansk. When it opens in the autumn of 2014 it will be the largest of its kind north of the Arctic Circle.


Shopping has flourished in Murmansk in course of the last ten years. The town has several large shopping centers, the largest for the time being is “Forum” with its 22.000 m² and four floors of shops, restaurants and cinemas.

The new mall will be located in the center of Murmansk next to the O’key supermarket, which opened in 2008 and has become a huge success among Murmansk citizens. The mall will have three floors with chain shops like “Zara”, “H&M”, “Pull&Bear”, a cinema with nine screens (two of them IMAX), a food court and a large playground, B-port writes.

The mall is being built by the investment company “Dorinda Invest”, a company specializing in building malls all over Russia.

Update: People from Tromsø have called and reminded the BarentsObserver that the Jekta shopping mall in Tromsø is also 65.000 m². So the two towns will be competing in having “the world’s largest shopping mall north of the Arctic Circle”.