Yamal LNG to feed the French

Total will be both on the project owner side and the gas buyer's side in the Yamal LNG project.

Oil company Total will buy an annual four million tons of LNG from the Yamal plant.


Company representative Phillippe Sauguet confirms that Total will buy almost 25 percent of the plant’s total output.

“We have signed a deal on the delivery of 4 million tons per year”, Sauguet said, reports.

With the deal, more than 75 percent of the LNG plant’s output has found buyers, the project operators confirm. From before, the Chinese CNPC has confirmed that is will buy a minimum of three million tons of the liquefied gas per year.

Both Total and the CNPC are project partners together with operator Novatek. The two companies both control 20 percent of the Yamal LNG operating company.

The Yamal LNG is based on the resources of the South Tambey field. The plant is built to be able to produce an annual 16,5 million ton of LNG per year. All of the gas is to be shipped out from the Sabetta port, an infrastructure object which currently are under development.