Bye, bye sun

Sun skims the horizon at this frozen lake north of Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland.

Last view before the sun falls under the horizon in most parts of the Barents Region. The polar night comes with extreme cold, down to - 40 °C last night.


A golden glow for some few minutes and then gone. The sun north of the Arctic Circle will stay under the horizon until early next year. Further north in the Barents Region, the polar night has already lasted for weeks. 

Tourists traveling north during summer to experience the midnight sun should be aware that the beauty of the special blue-colored frozen landscapes and horizon also represent an unforgettable adventure.

With the dark comes the cold. Last night, the thermometer felled down to minus 39,7 °C outside Sodankylä in Finnish Lapland, reports Lapin Kansa. In northern Norway, the lowest temperature was measured in Bardu in Troms with minus 35 °C on Sunday, according to Nordlys. Russia’s Kola Peninsula is also freezing cold, with Apatity as the coldest town with minus 30 °C Monday morning, reports B-port.