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Thomas Nilsen is editor of BarentsObserver and is based at the desk in Kirkenes, northern Norway. He has been working for the Norwegian Barents Secretariat since 2003. Before, he worked 12 years for the Bellona Foundation’s Russian study group, focusing on nuclear safety issues and general environmental challenges in northern areas and the Arctic.

Thomas has been travelling extensively in the Barents Region and northern Russia since the late 80’s working for different media and organizations. He is also a guide at sea and in remote locations in the Russian north for various groups and regularly lectures on security issues and socio-economic development in the Barents Region. Thomas Nilsen studied at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Content by Thomas Nilsen

STAVANGER: Bellona’s Frederic Hauge says Statoil can’t continue its current Barents Sea drilling since the appeal period for the permission has not yet expired.

Gazprom Neft platform Prirazlomnoye

STAVANGER: Ambitious Arctic offshore exploration plan will need 80 rigs, platforms, tankers, supply vessels and crew boats.

STAVANGER: Statoil brands “It’s possible” at ONS, but CEO Helge Lund says projects in Russia will take more time as export permits for equipment is a bureaucratic process.

STAVANGER: Statoil has found no commercial wells of oil in the Barents Sea this summer, but politicians and industry are still optimistic that the north will see a boost in petroleum activities.

Sulphur dioxide pollution significantly up from Kola GMK’s smelters in Nikel and Monchegorsk. Norwegians measure more heavy metals in freshwater fish near the border.

Russia’s Gazprom will no longer have monopoly on gas sales to Lithuania.

“This deal will allow Rosneft to acquire new unique expertise in operations in harsh climate conditions,” says Rosneft President Igor Sechin, a man listed on both the EU and the US sanctions lists.

First time in history: Two Pacific fleet Akula-class submarines are now en route along the Northern Sea Route towards Severodvinsk in the White Sea for upgrades.

NRK journalist and veteran in the Barents Press network Arne Store died Wednesday at age 69.

IMF says Russia’s GDP risks to fall starkly to the downside this year. However, June had a 10 percent increase in travel from Murmansk region to Norway.