A Nordic defence revolution

Nordic Armed Forces

The Socialist Left Party, junior partner in the Norwegian government coalition, wants the armed forces of three Nordic countries to merge. -The Army should be Finnish, the Air Force – Swedish and the Navy – Norwegian, spokesman Bjorn Jacobsen says.

-This is a vision, which we need to discuss, says the party’s spokesman on defence issues, Mr. Jacobsen underlines. He believes the rapid technological development and the increasing defence costs strengthen the need for more Nordic cooperation. The party spokesman does not believe that the Norwegian NATO membership will be an obstacle to the Nordic cooperation. Also military leaders have indicated that the Nordic countries are too small to keep big Armed Forces Experts doubt however that the ideas of the Socialist Left Party will ever be implemented. –This is not possible to implement, researcher Ståle Ulriksen from the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) says. He is joint by research expert Henrik Hovland. –I do not it is very smart to think that the Swedes will fight for us in a crisis situation, he says