Satellite communication installed on Prirazlomnaya

Prirazlomnaya plattform in the Kola bay before departure to the eastern Pechora Sea.

Russia’s first oil platform on the Arctic shelf is now integrated in Sevmash’ telecommunications system through satellite connection.


The workers onboard the platform now have direct telephone contact to land, as well as Internet connection and television signals. Any problem that might occur can now be solved immediately by contacting Sevmash specialists in Severodvinsk, Portnews reports.

Prirazlomnaya was tugged from Murmansk to its designated place in the Pechora Sea in August. Originally the plan was to start the transport operation in the end of July and to start the first drilling in September. The plan has been postponed with some months, and the new plan is to have production to start by the first quarter of 2012.

Last week the passenger vessel “Anna Akhmatova” brought 150 specialists from Sevmash to the platform. According to Portnews, the vessel will be bringing crew to and from the platform for the next three months.

Prirazlomnoye oil field is located in the eastern part of the Pechora Sea about 60 km north of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug. The field holds resources of up to 41 million tons and annual peak production is believed to amount to about six million tons. A total of 36 wells will be drilled on site by year 2019.

The Prirazlomnaya platform has a length and width of 126 meters, oil storage capacity of 136,000 cubic meters and a daily production capacity of 19,000 cubic meters. The topside of the platform is based on the “Hutton” platform, an installation previously operating in the North Sea and acquired by former license holder Sevmorneftegaz in 2002.