The 29th Midnight Sun Film Festival held in Sodankylä, Lapland, wrapped up Sunday. 25,000 visitors flocked to see films in the northern cult festival.

KAUTOKEINO: Even though the Kildin Sámi language is at risk of dying out, the culture and traditions can be saved through music.

A remote Norwegian island is nearly ready to start producing the first-ever batch of Arctic whiskey, an expression, they are sure will be a hit on the market.

When Bjørne Kvernmo docked his ship, “Havsel,” at the port in Tromsø this month, he knew it would be the end of a tradition he’s kept up for 40 years. With his return, northern Norway’s long-standing seal hunt had finally come to a close. 

Oleg Birlinskiy knows he took a risk.  

MURMANSK: Film producers from all over the Barents Region gathered in Murmansk last week to share their work and unite journalists of the Northern countries.

Murmansk-based doll maker Tatyana Gombash gives life to her fantasies through her art.

KIRKENES: With a floodlight projector designed for giant sport arenas, Stefano Cagol is on a path to identify and underline the borders of Europe and their fate. See our video interview with Cagol.

The traditional ski race crossing the borders of Norway, Russia and Finland is cancelled due to lack of snow.

Dutchman Steven Kruijswijk of team Belkin Pro Cycling became the second winner of the world’s northernmost international bike race Arctic Race of Norway.

A new walking theatre performance in Tromsø is teaching locals and tourists about the history of the seal hunt and the people who braved the Arctic seas. 

Mari Boine from a concert in Lovozero on the Kola Peninsula.

Norwegian Sami world star musician Mari Boine from Finnmark to hold concert in the Russian capital on May 31.

An open air dance party on the main square Stortorget wrapped up this year’s international week in Tromsø. The project ”Dance for love” was an event held against prejudice, racism and discrimination, though for love: for love between people, nations and countries.